à la région

Delivering great local dishes and products is chef Frank Aussem’s mission statement.

As an integral part of the 'a la region' and 'Mittelrhein moments' culinary initiatives, we use produce from local farmers and producers from the Rhine and Mosel-Hunsrück areas.

The Rhine Valley offers a variety of traditional recipes and culinary experiences, the finest of which you can enjoy served straight from our kitchen.

15 years a la région ... an idea loved by not only the gourmets!

We all know that food and drink belong to our basic needs. That good food and a fine drop of wine significantly enhance the quality of life is also no longer a secret. Fortunately, lovers of good food are finding more and more of it in the geographical region of the Hunsrück between the Rhine, Mosel and Nahe. For many years now, the chefs, restaurateurs, winemakers and farmers in the region have been increasingly talked about. Wines have been awarded prizes, restaurants have been honoured, the quality of the meat has been praised and the brewing barley has been rated as the best in Germany.

The 'artificial creation' of the Rhein-Hunsrück district and its surrounding areas have a great deal to offer and experience, yet less than 20 years ago the region was still considered to be underdeveloped. The gourmet – or anyone who considered themselves to be one – would drive over the Hunsrück on the A61 to get to the Alsace region.

This has changed radically in the past decade, due mainly to one Hunsrücker farmer: Gerhard Stümper, Honorary Chairman of 'Deer Farming Central/West', who has been breeding deer for over three decades. From the very start Mr Stümper set environmental friendliness and animal welfare as his highest priorities. In its quest to bring increasingly high quality agricultural products to market he soon got the other producers of fine wares in the region on board, and a la région was born. The basic idea behind the initiative is for a region to help itself! Many restauranteurs, winemakers from the Rhine and the Hunsrück farmers soon realised that they can only benefit from this sort of cooperation.

Gerhard Stümper’s idea fifteen years ago came at just the right time: Why not experience the joys of culinary delights with products from the region? And why not bring the efforts of many individuals under one official umbrella and organise a joint event? The idea of ​​the Gourmet Festival à la région was born.