Boat Trip on the Rhine

Through the World Heritage Site by boat

A boat trip on the Rhine is the epitome of a journey through the World Heritage Site –relaxed and allowing plenty of time to enjoy the beauty of the water. Rocks and half-timbered houses, vineyards and the charming villages of the Rhine valley glide by.

The legends and stories about the Lorelei spark the imagination.

How could it be anything else? The Rhine would be only half as good were it not for the large number of excursion boats, river cruise ships and ferries. The white fleet offers the most beautiful and impressive way to discover the romantic Rhine. Picturesque views of castles, terraced vineyards and historic towns delight the eye of the beholder as they pass by. Every turn reveals a new image, an excitement and anticipation that many visitors will not have enjoyed for a long while. The numerous stopping points offer the possibility of breaking up the journey in order to land and more intensively capture the essence of the Rhine Valley. Those who stay on board, simply spending the finest of quality time, will not only enjoy being in the front row, but will be looked after with the very best hospitality. Eat, drink, relax and dream – that is why the Rhine is so beautiful!

The following cruise lines dock in St. Goar: