Castles in the Middle Rhine

Burg Rheinfels*

Fabulous and impressive.

Among the outstanding features of the World Heritage area are the 40 castles and fortresses along only 65 kilometres of the river Rhine between Bingen and Koblenz: This high density of castles is unique worldwide!

The reason lies in history: Due to its strategic position and the lucrative tolls, the Middle Rhine Valley has always been a bone of contention of many men and lords – including the archdioceses of Cologne, Mainz and Trier, Counts Palatine and the Landgraves, as well as free cities and the lower gentry.

They often used the castles for the collection of tolls and taxes, but they also provided security from attack from warring neighbours. They were built on particularly conspicuous places not only for strategic reasons, but they were often highlighted by bright plasterwork and high towers, making them a clear sign of strong rule by their owners, visible from a great distance.

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Castle Rheinfels

Castle Rheinfels used to be the largest fortress on the Rhine and today, because of its vastness, it still makes an ideal destination for young and old. During its 900 year history the castle has been referred to in the legends and myths of many romantics and the works of famous poets.

Castle Rheinfels offers a 'microcosm' of everything that characterises a World Heritage site – history, myth, nature and landscape. The Rheinfels Path brings the walls and their plant and animal inhabitants to life, allowing visitors to experience this cultural and historical monument in a unique way – discover in the huge castle complex with its extensive ramparts, observe an exceptional and varied castle flora and fauna and enjoy fascinating views of the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley.

Opening times at Castle Rheinfels:

Mid-March to 15th October – open daily from 9am to 6pm
16th October to the 1st Sunday in November – open daily from 9am to 5pm
Winter opening times:
1st Sunday in November to mid-March – in snow and ice-free weather
Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 5pm
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